Selected Computer Games Work.









Anyone remember these?


Domark Software (now Eidos).


I worked as a writer, musician, and game designer on projects including Trivial Pursuit (CDCV), Marco’s Magic Football, EMF, and others.  This was in the time before Lara Croft when the team worked out of one insane office in Addlestone.


Visit Eidos UK Website.


Virtuality Ltd.


I provided plots, dialogue, and music, as well as directing motion and voice capture sessions on games including Zone Hunter and Millennium Turning.  They were one of the nicest teams in the industry at the time.  Pity they went bust, ‘cause the stuff we had planned would have blown your minds.


Read about Virtuality.




I wrote a fully researched historical novel length script for a project Rebellion were developing with a major US film studio.  Sadly, when the US end re-arranged their staffing, the project fell through.  They still remain, however, the coolest software company in the world, and not just for saving 2000 AD.


Visit Rebellion Website.

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