Music: Instrumentals.


Country Jogger

Little Britley

From “Slick”

Calliope Theme


The Taxmen

The Butterfly Effect


Solo Work

From “Slick”

Humorous Songs


(is gonna save me).

Hesser and Darke’s

House of Nutters.

Saddam, bad man.

The Bush Tango.

The Stinky-Pants Fairy.




Stained Glass Window from Little Britley Church showing Reverend Susan in “Self Portrait with Cross”.


Country Jogger.

Commissioned by Allure Productions, 2003.

Opening Title Music for a soft-core porno sit-com (no, really, I kid you not) showing early 2004 on Playboy TV.


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Little Britley Main Titles.

Khaotik Productions, 2000.

Fully Orchestrated opening title music for much loved satire show that never quite saw the airwaves.


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View Title Sequence – Modem (558k).

View Title Sequence – Broadband (5.4 Meg).


Orchestral Break from “Slick”.

Rock Opera composed with James Spink, 1992-1995.

One of my favourite instrumental pieces in the play, marking an emotional collapse of one of the characters near the end of the performance


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Theme from Calliope.

Dead Stupid Productions, 1995.

Opening Title Music from an audio dramatisation of a Neil Gaiman stories from The Sandman.  The finished production was sent to Vertigo twice in two years.  Both times they promised to respond within six months.  They never did.


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