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Little Britley

From “Slick”

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(is gonna save me).

Hesser and Darke’s

House of Nutters.

It seems to me.

Saddam, bad man.

The Bush Tango.

The Stinky Pants Fairy.



The Stinky-Pants Fairy.


Jesus (is gonna save me)

Written for Shotgun TV, 1997.

A jolly and heart-warming Christian song that is in no way offensive in the extreme.  Honest.


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From Little Britley:

Written for Khaotik, 1998 & 2001.

Two songs from the animated pilot “Little Britley on the Water”.  First hear Michael Hesaltine sing with Ken Clarke about their newest post-retirement earner: the privatised lunatic asylum (May not be actual politician’s voices).  Then hear some alien country and western with a not so hidden message to our caring government.  I’m the voice on the first one, and the elegant Lorna Forsythe comes over all Tammy Wynette on the second.


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“Saddam, bad man” and “The Bush Tango”

From “Slick”, 1992-1995.

Two of many pastiche songs used throughout the first half of “Slick”, a musical about the first Gulf War, to put over the politics in an amusing way. 


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The Stinky-Pants Fairy.

Still in Development.

Re-inventing fairies for a new millennium, this song is from an upcoming children’s book, currently undergoing orchestration for an accompanying CD and children’s West End musical.


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