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Jesus and Mary share a tender moment in Act Five.
















Press and Reviews:

Christian Feedback.

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Press and Reviews.


"...a refreshing and human portrait of a man who remains a total enigma to many...

Passion is by no means grim and I have to say I was laughing uncontrollably at times... 

...the play is well written, witty, and enthusiastically embraced by the members of Synaesthesia...

Tt's great to view Jesus Christ as a human for once."


- Lisa Maitland.  The Stage.  August 10.


"Passion has the sort of story some producer in Hollywood has been pushing for years...

It's more about Elvis and John Lennon and James Dean and every other celebrity who sacrificed their personal life for celebrity."


- Beatrice Colin.  The List.  August 19.


" is a play, which, above all, made me think...

Jesus' teaching on love and his caring and patience with his friends made me look at myself...

This is a piece of drama which has been beautifully staged and imaginatively directed, with some surprising humour...”


- Justine Stephenson. News and Mail.  August 19.


"A rigorous and heartfelt debate on the relevance of Christ's story today.  It would speak more easily to the hearts and minds of young people than most church services of my experience...

It is too well thought out to stick to what we all know and too passionate about the importance of every part of Christ's teaching to lie down quietly like a children's nativity play...

Jason Orbaum's script is witty, lively, and dramatic."


- Jean Findlay.  The Scotsman.  August 22.


The preceeding quotations are all from press responses to the first production of "Passion" by Synaesthesia Theatre Company which performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in several venues in the South of England.  When the play was due to be performed in the company's local theatre, the Rhoda McGaw, one local vicar was so outraged he got up a petition calling for the performance to be banned.   Over 500 people signed this petition - only one of them (the Reverend Roy Clarke) had ever read it!   Although Rev. Clarke's petition was unsuccessful in Woking it did lead directly to the play being forced to change venues in Edinburgh at six days notice.  Channel Four and Sky News both picked up on the story and by the time the play opened we were in the fortunate position of having received more pre-festival press than any other play on the fringe!  Unfortunately, most of it was for being blasphemous or offensive.  - Jason Orbaum.  September 30th 1994



Christian Feedback.


As part of the marketing of the play, copies were sent to clergymen and those working in Christian fields to read requesting feedback, and suggesting that it may be of interest to their membership/clergy as a piece for discussion.  The following are some of the responses:


"Incisive, compelling, one of the best 'Lives of Christ' I've read.  Personal reservations about the strong language and Jesus/Magdalene relationship aside this is the play I've been looking for in 21 years as an R.E. Teacher.  Attention grabbing, authentic, and bang up to date.  I have no doubt Orbaum is a fine writer."


- Rev. Tom Farrell, Rector of St. Margarets Church, Lothbury.


"Facinating.  I read the whole thing in one sitting.  The playwright has obviously done his research both theologically and historically.  I think it's a very brave piece of writing.  Not many people are prepared to speak out against the figure of Jesus Christ for fear of attack.  It's bound to appeal to New Age thinkers and anyone open minded enough not to take offense.  However, the ending of the play clearly demonstrates the writer's humanist romanticism.  This is not my view of Christ, but this is theatre, not theology."


- Jonathan Rudd, Consultant to Christian Missions and charities.  Committed Christian.


"I fear for you before your God.  You portray a sinful Christ."


- Mark Llandreth-Smith, Minister at the Coign Church, Woking.






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