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Me in “Little Shop of Horrors”, many moons ago.



First Performance: Woking, May 2002.

Maria, a single modern woman in her early 30’s receives a visit at two in the morning from a visitor who claims to be God.  A witty modern comedy.

Contains strong language and drug use.


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 (bad things happen in) Jennifer’s Bedroom.

Currently in pre-production for Spring 2004.

A gritty sexual thriller.  Jennifer invites her sister and her husband over for dinner, but when the sister falls asleep, the games begin.  An examination of sexual power that keeps twisting all the way to the final curtain.

Contains strong language, sex, violence, and drug use.

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First Performance: Edinburgh Fringe, 1994.

Notorious “Life of Christ” play which attracted national press and TV attention when the church attempted to have it banned.  Received praise and hate-mail in equal measure

Contains strong language, violence, and adult themes.


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First Performance: Evolution, Mytchett, 1995.

Jack and Gill live in a middle class area of the south of England.  They are a “normal” couple in an extraordinary situation.  Britain is being ethnically cleansed, and they’re the wrong ethnicity: They’re white.

Contains strong language and adult themes.

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The AIDS Project.

First Performance: Weybridge, May 1986.

This multiple award-winning Theatre in Education play toured schools and colleges throughout the south of England for three years.  It uses humour to combat common prejudices and misconceptions about AIDS.

Contains mild sexual content.  Designed for the 14-18 age group.


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