Extracts from Little Britley.


Video Clips.


Whole Episode.

Title Sequence.

House of Nutters.

Crook and Saddam.

Tony’s Speech.

Tony’s Line.


Mr Speaker.













Little Britley’s Favorite Paper.



This piece was written in 1998 at the height of Blair’s popularity.  It is still surprisingly topical, partly because we got our predictions right, but mainly because so little ever changes.  It features Victoria Hamilton, Steve Noonan, Bruce Hazelton, Lorna Forsythe and myself on voices and the animation team was Kimberley Thomas, Chris Woodall, Paul Carder, Maria Clifford, Stan Sheene, Simon Price and Matt Brace.  None of them ever received a penny for their months of work but they are all assured a place in heaven.  Provided God can take a joke, that is.  If not, they’re buggered.

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Video Extracts.

Little Britley Trailer.

1 minute 30 seconds.

A funky taste of Little Britley.

Modem Version – 716k.

Broadband Version – 8.9 Meg.


Episode One - Spin.

24 minutes 18 seconds.

The whole first episode, a few chunky renders (hopefully we’ll get back on Media 100 and put the SG Renders in soon – visit regularly for information), but it’s a truly British original and you won’t get to see it anywhere else.  Warning: Very Big File!

Modem Version – 14 Meg.

Broadband Version – 57.8 Meg.



Opening Titles.

58 seconds.

Paul Carder’s fabulous Bryce Intro over a home produced orchestral track.

Modem Version – 558k.

Broadband Version – 5.4 Meg.

Audio Only Version.


Hesser and Darke’s House of Nutters.

1 minute 24 seconds.

Tasteless, tacky, and glitzy – just like the Tory Old Guard.

Modem Version – 837k.

Broadband Version – 8.2 Meg.

Audio Only Version.



Crook and Saddam.

35 Seconds.

A little closer to the mark than we expected in ’98.

Modem Version – 351k.

Broadband Version – 3.6 Meg.


Tony’s Speech.

41 seconds.

As David Byrne once said “You’re talking a lot, but you’re not really saying anything”.  A classic Britley moment.

Modem Version – 406k.

Broadband Version – 4.1 Meg.


Tony’s Line.

5 seconds.

This will be the five seconds they’ll use at my trial.

Modem Version – 62k.

Broadband Version – 510k.



The “Bladerunner” sequence.

50 seconds.

Americans please note: it’s a much ruder word over here...

Modem Version – 490k.

Broadband Version – 5 Meg.


Mr Speaker.

15 seconds.

Come back Betty Boothroyd; the Commons isn’t the same without you.

Modem Version – 163k.

Broadband Version – 1.6 Meg.