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The AIDS Project



Little Britley

Shotgun TV


Fairy Poems

Heaven on Urth

Colour Chart Poster

Four Letter Words

Girlfriend Remote






Colour Chart II, an even crasser sequel, still on sale across Britain.


The Book of Modern Fairies.

Still in Development.

Re-inventing fairies for a new millennium, this children’s book is currently undergoing orchestration for an accompanying CD and children’s West End musical.


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Hear Song.


Heaven on Urth.

Produced by Dead Stupid Productions, 1996.

A gentle radio play about a three party world written and recorded before Blair’s landslide election victory.  This project was an early ancestor of Little Britley on the Water (see Screen and Video)


Hear Entire Play - Modem.

Hear Entire Play - Broadband.


Colour Chart.

Released by GB Posters/Takischitt, 1998.

The Colour Chart was the best selling poster of the late 90’s and has been given a place in the Victoria and Albert’s permenant poster collection.  Not bad for a set of very crude nob-gags. 


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Four Letter Words.

Released by GB Posters/Khaotik, 2000.

This project was a labour of love which bore fruit in the shape of a published poster, an animation, and a yet to be published coffee table book.  It is guaranteed to make you think.

Contains word and images unsuitable for children.


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View Animation (Adults only, 14 MB, Broadband advised).

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Girlfriend Remote.

Released by Takischitt/Paladone, October 2000.

This novelty spawned a dozen copy-cats, but only the best-selling original came with full documentation.  Good job the company never read what we gave them or it would never have made it into the shops!

Contains the phrase “Slack Fannied Wrinkle Bags” (if you look closely).


Read Girlfriend Remote Manual.

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