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One man show poster - 2001.



Currently in development.

A four part science-fiction TV thriller.  New medical technology allows the super-rich to take back-ups of themselves, to be “re-booted” in case of tragic early death.  But is this technology really the blessing it seems?

Contains strong language, sex, drugs, violence, and adult themes (which is known technically as a “full house”).


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Little Britley (on the water).

Khaotik Productions, 1999-2001.

The sharpest satire you were never shown.  Little Britley was a stripped down version of Great Britain, with familiar faces sitting around the town council chamber making the usual preposterous decisions.  Spitting Image meets South Park.  It would’ve been great…

Contains strong language and adult humour.


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Shotgun TV.

JSS Productions, 1997.

Pilot for a sketch show of questionable taste for which I wrote some of the sketches (and even performed in a couple!).  Included just because it still makes me laugh occasionally

Contains strong language and adult themes.


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